Celebrate American Made Brands July 07, 2015 09:36



In light of the holiday, we are showing our support for the American Made Brands we carry at Essentials. Compiled below are brands you can find in store, and details about their beginnings and American inspirations. 


"Born in Los Angeles in 2004, LAmade has and continues to be the embodiment of Southern California style." LAmade is our "go-to" brand that nicely compliments everything you have in your existing closet. From classic basics, to unique, understated pieces, LAmade has the perfect additions to anyone's wardrobe.

Henry & Belle 

The story of Henry & Belle begins in Chicago in 1931, where Henry Mann fell in love with Belle, a fitting model for his 1930s couture. She was his muse and inspiration, and from that blossumed the successful family company that is Henry & Belle. Their "love of style, philanthropy and each other has laid the foundation for the company we are today." This is the perfect denim brand if you're looking for classic, yet subtly unique jeans. 

Lauren Moshi & Michael Lauren

Brother and sister designers Michael and Lauren Moshi have designed two lines inspired by high fashion and fine art. Lauren, orignially creates all of the artwork seen on the clothing, while Michael creates the "versatile, modern basics" that are perfect on their own, or layered with Lauren's artwork. 


The story of Nation begins in 2005 when founder Jen Menchaca set out on the mission to recreate her father's basic, perfectly worn, white t-shirt. She mentions that she coveted her father's tees, but just couldn't wear them in public! "They weren’t pretty, but they were comfy, darn it," remarks Jen. Determined, Jen created the ideal vintage white v-nect t-shirt and people have raved. Nation Ltd. is seen on celebrities and stylish women of all ages. The bonus? Nation is manufactured entirely in the USA!

Gorjana & Griffin Inc.

Gorjana & Griffin is a "socially conscious lifestyle company that makes fashionable, high quality accessories for women and men." Begining in 2004 by husband and wife duo Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel, inspiration is almost inevitable as the headquarters are in Laguna Beach, CA overlooking the ocean and "thriving local artist community." The jewelry line fuses both the West and East Coast, with West Coast inspriation and East Coast polish and sophistication. Gorjana & Griffin Inc. is the primary jewelry line at Essentials. 


We are all familiar with these gorgeous glass votives, but do you know the story behind them? In 1995, Founder Lee Rhodes was inspired after she placed a tea light in a glass cup. From there Lee hired artists to help her design more glassybaby to give to people as gifts. In 2001 Lee began to sell glassybaby and donated the profits to charities that focused on helping cancer patients, like herself, heal. Glassybaby blossumed and now Lee has studios in Green Lake, Madrona, University Village, Bellevue and San Francisco. She has appeared on Martha Stewart and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011. By 2015, "glassybaby has donated more than $3 million dollars to organizations dedicated to helping people, animals and the environment heal." We carry a few different varieties of glassybaby in our store, but our favorite is The Essential, the orange tone baby that was designed just for us! We love Glassybaby!