Game Day in the PNW November 02, 2015 13:39

            Blue Friday’s, Dawg Saturday’s, and Cougar Game Day’s all mean one thing…the return of Football season. Between the yummy food, drinks, and time well spent with close friends, football season represents a time of year full of additional weekend social activities. However, like most social events, we constantly find ourselves asking, what should I wear. Luckily, Essential’s on Park Lane is well equipped with spirit gear for every fan, whether you’re cheering for our local Huskies, Seahawks, or Cougars across the state.


          Even the magic around Seahawks Game Day's cannot control Seattle's unpredictable weather, which as we all know is prone to change the blink of an eye. Not to worry, here at Essentials, our team has got you covered. We have crafted a outfits that are sure to fit your need no matter where you are or who you’re with, when you need to sport some 12th Nation pride.

            Now, if you’re the type of girl to sit back, relax, and watch the game from the comfort of your own home… you no longer have to compromise comfort for style. This comfortable, yet spirited outfit is perfect it has all the basics: our favorite Seahawks graphic tee, paired with our ruched ankle slouch pant. This look is tied together with a light wash chambray and our spirited Seahawks bracelets.

The Basics: Top: TIFF+ JEN we heart SEAHAWKS tee. Bottoms: Michael Lauren Navy Pablo Pant.

            Heading to the local sports bar or tailgate before the game? Try adding distressed jeans, with a small cuff at the ankle. Swap out the chambray for a dark-colored plaid shirt, providing a similar feel, while also drawing a little more attention to your Seahawk spirit accessories. No outfit is complete without a handbag. Instead of worrying about losing your keys and loose change, complete your outfit by taking along one of our Big O bright green key rings and blue clutches – an accessory from the list of Oprah’s favorite things. Without throwing off your color scheme, the clutch will help you make it to and from the game with all your personal belongings… now that is what we call, a win win.

            For those lucky ladies that have the opportunity to watch the game first hand, you’ll need a jacket to keep you nice and warm while cheering from the sidelines. Maybe throw on two, considering we never know what Seattle weather will throw our way. Luckily we have our Seahawks graphic hoodie to keep you cozy and looking like a proud member of the 12th Nation. Pair this heather-grey sweatshirt with dark wash jeans, and our fingerless gloves to keep you warm until the final whistle at the end of the 4th quarter. If the weather permits, this leather bomber jacket adds a chic and edgy touch to the spirited look that is sure to make you stand out in the crowd.

Forecast shows a slight chance of drizzle, (which could actually result in a torrential down pour) our stylish navy blue raincoat can provide that final layer to keep you dry.

            After attending many games, students huddled in the DawgPack must be prepared for anything and everything. One game they could end up with a “W” sunburn on their cheek from their spirit tattoos, and another game they could be walking home with their rain boots full of water.

That being said, layers are key. This Husky sweater is the ideal basic to layer for any Dawg worthy occasion, and since it is a neutral color scheme you can add fun purple and gold accents like this key ring and clutch. Adding this festive purple infinity scarf gives the entire look a bit more spirit, and will keep you warm throughout the night. 

            When you need an extra layer, you can add a fun vest. I suggest one of our ferocious fur vests that can seriously make any outfit WOW the crowd; or our warm blanket vest that will give you all the right cozy fall feels. 

            As a Seattle native, I personally love the rain, as long as I am warm and dry. So for the wet Dawg Saturdays, we have the perfect purple rain coat to layer over your Husky sweater. 

            On another tangent, our friends on the other side of the state are always preparing for their game day festivities as well; the perfect occasion to sport our cable knit maroon sweater to pair with these grey AG jeans. To add a little flair to the look, wear a classic fall brim hat. 

            If you need to add another layer to the look for warmth, or to dress up the look a bit, you can add a collared plaid button-up. The pattern will add more dimension to the outfit and you'll be able to go from the office to the game, or from the game to dinner.

            As the winter months roll in, and the air gets colder, Coug fans are going to need some extra warmth. By switching the maroon sweater for, a longer, heavier grey cardigan and adding red jeans, you’ll still look chic and spirited while being warm and cozy.

            Don’t forget! The BLACKOUT game! This leather brim baseball cap is one of my favorite accessories of the season, and such a fun addition to your blackout style. This hat spices up a simple black sweater and black AG jeans, probably the most comfortable outfit you’ll wear all year. To add a bit more sass and edge, this matte black cross-body Hammit bag will tie everything together and store your personal necessities stylishly.

New at Essentials: These Go Seahawks, Huskies, and Cougs spirit necklaces! In both gold and silver, these festive pieces add a chic touch of team pride to any outfit!  

            So no matter, where you are, who you're with, or what team you’re rooting for, our team at Essentials on Park Lane is ready to make you look and feel fabulous on Game Day.