How to Throw a Celeb-Worthy Award Show Party January 14, 2016 18:28

It’s that time of year again, Hollywood’s A-list is taking a break from their oh-so busy lives to walk red carpets dressed to the nines. But why let them have all the fun? Dust off your diamonds and call your girls, you’re having a party!


What you’ll need:         

  • Invitations

  • A Menu

  • Cocktails

  • Printable Ballots

  • Red Carpet Worthy outfit


Step 1: Send out your invites

            Award shows give us a great excuse to host our best friends for an evening of dishing on celebrity style and reminiscing about 2015 through film, so don’t be shy get the word out! A fun invitation will set the mood for the entire evening, you can whip them up yourself on WORD or one of our favorite's

Step Two: Plan your menu

Simplicity is key, coordinate with your gals for a pot luck style feast. That way, everyone will bring their favorite dish and no one will be spending hours in the kitchen ( because that's so not what the celebs do). If you prefer to provide everything yourself, checkout Pinterest for some fun finger food ideas, and don't forget the popcorn! Popcorn is a true pastime in film, and correspondingly award shows! But you don't just have to serve the traditional stuff, spice it up with a toppings bar (I personally love to mix in some chocolate)! 

Step three: Make some cocktails

What's more Hollywood than a fancy cocktail? Absolutely nothing, plus they pair wonderfully with finger foods. You can always keep it classic with a bit of bubbly, or add some of your favorite fruit puree for fun Bellinis! 

Step Four: Printable Ballots

Make sure to print out some voting ballots for your guests, so everyone can play along. Just google 'Printable Ballots' and specify which award show you will be watching, and vuala!  

Step Five: Costume Contest

Now for the main event... everyone loves a good excuse to dress up, and let our diva side out. So have your guests come dressed like their favorite celeb! This can be a great costume contest... whoever comes as best dressed or with the most on-par ensemble wins; a little healthy competition, always makes things a bit more fun! 

Luckily, we have just the outfit you'll need to beat the competition

Silver gowns are always a showstopper on the red carpet. So channel your inner goddess in this Show Me Your Mumu maxi dress!

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There's plenty of lace to go around on the red carpet. So take your pick of these celeb worthy styles...

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Add Some fun color to your lace look like these celebs:

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Don't forget about the classic LBD! However, celebrities are adding some flare to the traditional look with cutouts, and detailing. Check these out...

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Clearly, cutouts are a celebrity staple! 

Dress: BB Dakota

Dress: BB Dakota

Pregnant or not, we love this look...

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Necklace: Skinny by Jessica Elliot

If you're not feeling a dress, tryout one of these looks...

Jumpsuit: BB Dakota

Or Suit up like these celebs...

Blazer: Tart Collections

Trousers: Sanctuary

Find all these looks and more at Essentials on Park Lane! 

We can't wait to hear about your Award Show Soiree 

Upcoming Award Shows:

Grammys February 15th

Academy Awards February 28th