Brand Spotlight: MISA Los Angeles May 26, 2017 12:32

Here at Essentials we love companies that manufacture their clothing in the US. One of our newest brands MISA Los Angeles does this. MISA was created in 2016 for women who crave traveling and need outfits that can be worn all over the world.

The Lorena Dress is a great piece for summer events with a print and sleeves that allows you to wear it in the warm day to a cool evening.

Here is the link to shop the Lorena Dress

The Livey Top also has a variation as a dress called the Indi. These pieces can be worn off the shoulder with a bow coming from the font or with the bow tied around the neck. These are great because of the deep colors of the pieces and should be a staple in your closet.

Here is the link to shop the Livey Top:

Here is the link to shop the Indi Dress:

Next, the Thale Dress is a patterned maxi dress that is great for the hotter weather that will be coming in the soon. The tassels on this dress give it a fun and whimsical aspect.

Here is the link to shop the Thale Dress JRIt

The Irina Flutter Sleeve Wrap Maxi Dress is a wrap dress made of 96% spandex giving it a great feel and stretch to wrap around your body. The tie around the waist is braided pieces of this fabric giving it extra texture that makes this dress. We have it in both blush and navy.

Here is the link to shop the Irina Dress:

Keep on the look out for new blogs coming this summer!!

xx, rachel