Essential's Fall Fashion October 11, 2017 17:28

Hello there!

With the arrival of fall, comes the changing colors, changing weather, and ever changing fall styles we all have to keep up on!

Sometimes it can be difficult to transition especially since we’ve had such nice weather this year, but don’t fret! Fall fashion is all about layers, and transition pieces that can take you from that warm afternoon, to cool evening stroll in no time. Let Essentials on Park Lane give you a quick guide with some of our must-have’s now in store, and some you may already have in the back of your closet that you didn’t know were back in style.



Velvet is back! Intended to be worn in a more delicate, fashionable style than your 1990’s full velvet track suit (although a more relaxed version is coming back around), velvet is in! We’ve seen skinny velvet pants by McGuire, and Ayrtight, although the trend itself is not limited to skinny jeans and fancy shirts. Check out some images below for examples of the trend from around the web, as well as links to our favorites from in store!


Essentials Links:

Clara Velvet Top




Flower power is sticking around this fall as well, or at least coming back full swing.

We’ve seen some absolutely stunning combinations of floral prints recently. Roses, are a key factor in many of the prints but a variety of other florals are here to stay. Mixing and matching different sized patterns is a big trend this year, as well as mixing pattern and texture. Don’t be afraid to pair your cute floral dress with either military inspired boots, or a velvet jacket to boost the layers up a bit too. Either way the outcome is stunning!


Some of Essentials Floral Links:

Corey Kimono Budding Romance 

Blaire Bare Shoulder Blouse

Danee 3/4 Ruffle Sleeve Peasant Top


Bomber Jackets

Last major trend we’ll talk about here is the B O M B E R Jacket!  I’ve seen this style peek its head in and around fall fashion the last few years, but I think its safe to say it has fully arrived!! Moving from summer into fall, the delicate details have evolved as we move into cooler weather, but the designs on these jackets definitely don't disappoint.  Keeping up with a heavy floral influence we have several jackets in store that can dress up, or dress down any outfit you may have!


Essentials Links:

Camp Eisenhower Bomber Jacket


I hope this has provided some insight into some of the fabulous Fall trends, most of these should transition right into winter and come out on the other side into the springtime.


Come check out what we have in store today! We're happy to help with any styling questions you my have, and I'd love to see what inspires you this fall!

<3 <3 Katelyn