Stripes on Stripes June 29, 2018 11:03

Remember when mixing prints was a major fashion faux pas? Well, that is most definitely not the case anymore! Stripes are the biggest trend of the summer so far. Elevate your striped pieces by matching them with more stripes to achieve an effortlessly trendy look. Below are some standby tips and tricks to mix your stripes.

 1. Consistent Color Scheme

Although doubling up may seem scary, try and stick to a consistent color scheme and you can do no wrong. Try to pick a single color, like we did below with pink. Find various shades of the color and match them together. We love this Xirena striped button up, not only does it pair with everything, but it is also super lightweight and easy to maintain. The star of the show has to be these Everly Beach Pants ! These culottes are not only comfortable but they pull together every outfit. They make dressing up or down super easy and effortless, and we can’t get over this color!


2. Mix Sizes of Stripes

Have fun with different sized stripe patterns! In this look below, not only did we stay consistent with the color scheme but because of the varying stripe sizing, it appeals more to the eye. This Jack by BB Dakota top can elevate any look, the sleeves have a really fun puff on the bottom with helps keep it trendy while the pin stripe makes it a classic. These Ballari Stripe Pants are my favorite striped pants we have! I love the nautical inspiration with the visible buttons as well as the various colors in the pants. The wider stripes on the pants balance out the smaller print on the top and make for a really cute, easy outfit.


In the previous two looks, the stripes have all been vertical. And, as you probably know, vertical stripes are a much more attractive pattern. But horizontal stripes can be a staple in your wardrobe as well.

3. Mix Vertical and Horizontal

We love this Vince Pencil Stripe Short Sleeve Crew top, below, because it is such a minimalistic stripe and you can literally pair it with anything. Did we mention it’s buttery soft? 

Pair your horizontal stripes with vertical stripes to add some depth and take away from the widening illusion horizontal stripes may give. This AG Rochelle Romper is a great option to pair with the shirt because it only shows a small amount of the horizontal stripes. It is also really easy to throw on alone or with a top underneath, and makes for a clean, put-together look.


Now go have fun mixing stripes this summer! You'll see, it's such a great way to update your style this summer.

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