Beaded by W Jewelry Spotlight May 12, 2015 11:06

You may have noticed that we cannot get enough of Whitney Woodard's beaded jewelry. The colorful beaded tassel necklaces that are all over our Instagram are handmade by Beaded by W. The 19 year old Austin native started her business after fellow students began placing orders for her own handmade tassel necklaces. We think her tassel necklaces make the perfect addition to any outfit, so we jumped at the chance to ask her a few questions about her business, style, and necklaces!

1. What makes Beaded by W tassels unique?

I think what makes these necklaces unique are the color combos that I use. Also, every single necklace is handmade by girls my age. The tassels are handmade as well. People can customize their own color combos and necklaces - this is a big thing for Beaded by W! 

2. You initially started making your tassel necklaces to create affordable and fashionable jewelry. Why start with tassel necklaces? 

I had seen tassel necklaces in stores but I didn't like the color combinations. I think that people enjoy mine because they are great neutrals. I try to pick only one "bright color" whether that be the tassel or the beads, and then keep the rest of the necklace neutral so that it is wearable with a lot of different things. 

3. When designing new pieces, what inspires you?

I have a pinterest that I use to pin inspiring pictures! I'll just see a pattern or something in nature and like the color combo and try to make a necklace out of the colors I see. Right now, my pinterest is my personal account but I'm planning on launching a full on Beaded by W pinterest later this month so that people can see what inspires me! For example- for my summer collection I looked at a lot of pictures of the beach, which inspired the main colors for it: seafoam, sand/nude beads, coral, shades of green and blues. 

4. What do you want people to know about your necklaces and bracelets?

That a lot of work goes into them. It is always an accomplishment when one of us finishes an item and sends it out. They are handmade in a fun environment by happy girls. We love what we do and we want the customers to be happy!

5. What are three words you would use to describe your personal style? 

Colorful, classic and unique!

6. What styling tips or tricks do you swear by?

All you really need is mascara, a natural lipstick and face powder when it comes to makeup. My mom always taught me this and it is so true! Also, everyone needs a black basic jumpsuit. You can dress it up or dress it down very easily!  

7. What is one of your Beaded by W designs you cannot live without?

I absolutely love "The Heath" tassel necklace with a black tassel. I also LOVE my Dallas wrap bracelet in the black/ gold combination. It goes with everything and I wear it every single day! If you layer the wrap bracelets, then you can really dress them up. Some girls also wrap them around their necks and wear them as chokers! They are so fun!



Images from the Beaded by W Instagram.