Summer Trends July 08, 2017 08:00

Hey y'all! We are finally into the summer season and with the weather heating up I know that you are all needing a few extra pieces added to your wardrobe. I am going to show you my favorite items that we have in the store and how I plan on wearing them throughout summer. 

My first staple of the summer is a great denim jacket. Both of the jackets below are AG which is a great denim that will last for a long time. I like both of them because of the different washes and you can piece them with any outfit. 

This first outfit is the AG Robyn Denim Jacket in the dark wash, and also comes in a lighter wash. I paired them with these Sanctuary Playa shorts and a LA Made ribbed tank top.

My next denim jacket look is the AG Nancy Denim jacket. I have worn this one almost everyday since I purchased it because of how comfortable it is and that you can dress it up or down. Here I have it paired with a Show me your Mumu Ranch Mirage Lace-up and AG Prima Midrise Cigarette Leg in White.

Below are links to shop the previous two outfits:

AG Robyn Jacket

Sanctuary Playa Shorts

AG Nancy Denim Jacket

Show Me Your Mumu Ranch Mirage Lace-up

AG Prima Midrise Cigarette Leg in White


This next outfit is great for your international travels this summer. Both the shorts and the top are 0039 Italy which is a brand that has very nice quality and craftsmanship in their products. I love these shorts because they have the extra coverage and they are comfortable to move around in. The shorts come in multiple different colors as well as the top.

Shop the 

Efesia Button Down shirt

Lina Short


Finally, if you read my last blog you know that I love love this AG Erin Skirt in White! I have since purchased it and am finding many outfit possibilities that are fabulous. The Brokedown "Stuck in the Seventies" Graphic Tank is also something that I have been wearing frequently during the beginning of summer. It is a great cut and goes with leggings, jeans and even, like pictured above, a skirt!

Shop these below:

AG Erin Skirt in White

Brokedown "Stuck in the Seventies" Graphic Tank


Let me know which of these summer trends you will be trying this summer!

xx, rachel

Brand Spotlight: MISA Los Angeles May 26, 2017 12:32

Here at Essentials we love companies that manufacture their clothing in the US. One of our newest brands MISA Los Angeles does this. MISA was created in 2016 for women who crave traveling and need outfits that can be worn all over the world.

The Lorena Dress is a great piece for summer events with a print and sleeves that allows you to wear it in the warm day to a cool evening.

Here is the link to shop the Lorena Dress

The Livey Top also has a variation as a dress called the Indi. These pieces can be worn off the shoulder with a bow coming from the font or with the bow tied around the neck. These are great because of the deep colors of the pieces and should be a staple in your closet.

Here is the link to shop the Livey Top:

Here is the link to shop the Indi Dress:

Next, the Thale Dress is a patterned maxi dress that is great for the hotter weather that will be coming in the soon. The tassels on this dress give it a fun and whimsical aspect.

Here is the link to shop the Thale Dress JRIt

The Irina Flutter Sleeve Wrap Maxi Dress is a wrap dress made of 96% spandex giving it a great feel and stretch to wrap around your body. The tie around the waist is braided pieces of this fabric giving it extra texture that makes this dress. We have it in both blush and navy.

Here is the link to shop the Irina Dress:

Keep on the look out for new blogs coming this summer!!

xx, rachel

Girl on the Go: Current Elliot's Infantry Jacket May 17, 2015 13:43

You know those items in your closet that are worn again and again, because they go with everything you own? Maybe it's your favorite jeans, a classic tee, or the perfect cardigan. We'd tell you to make room in your closet for another must-have, but we're betting you'll be wearing it so much, you'll never need to put it away. 

The Current Elliot Infantry Jacket is made for any Girl on the Go. Celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, Naomi Watts, and Minka Kelly cannot get enough of this ready-to-wear outer layer. Fashion bloggers are all about it. Throw over jeans and a tee to elevate your everyday style. 

The Infantry Jacket is effortless and stylish... two hallmarks of any Girl on the Go's favorite piece of clothing. You'll be asking yourself how you ever lived (or styled) without it. 




Girl on the Go: H & Butler Leather Charging Purses April 18, 2015 14:33

This week, we're starting a new tradition. Since we're a boutique that's all about working with everyday style, we're starting a new blog feature called "Girl on the Go." When we feature an item that's especially perfect for your busy life, it'll fall into this category. 

Our new H & Butler leather charging purses is the ultimate handbag for  life on the go.

Because we are always on the lookout for style and function, when we found a classic handbag line that charges our phones, we were all in. H & Butler mixes just a little bit of technology with their handbag designs.

Why do we love them? Now we don’t have to carry our charger cords with us everywhere we go. Traveling, a long day at work, running errands, or a weekend getaway, these purses will allow you to charge on the go.

We currently have wristlets and cross body handbags in stock in a variety of colors (everything from black patent leather to snakeskin!).

Each handbag is made of high quality, genuine leather. You don't have to sacrifice style for function - the wristlets can be thrown into a bigger handbag, or used as a clutch in the evening. The cross body bags are an excellent everyday handbag. 

How does it work? 

1. Inside every purse is a rechargeable battery. In the picture below, it’s the little grey zippered pouch.



2. Plug the USB cable into a computer or charger base to power up that battery. Once the battery is fully charged, your H & Butler bag can recharge a phone battery to full capacity twice.

3. You are ready to go! Place the battery pouch in the handbag and plug your phone into the compatible charger cord.



H & Butler wristlet {$115} 

We'll be getting new styles and colors within the next few weeks, so stay tuned!