The Perfect Arm Party: The Do's & Dont's to Bracelet Layering August 01, 2016 11:00

The Perfect Arm Party

The Do's & Dont's to Bracelet Layering


Creating the perfect arm party can often be extremely difficult. You may find yourself asking,

"How many bracelets are too many?"

"Can I mix and match colors and metals?"

or "What do I add if I have a bold statement piece?"

If you have asked yourself these questions, you are not alone! We ask ourselves these questions too! So, to help you accessorize and plan out your perfect look, we have compiled a list of "Do's & Dont's" to create the perfect arm party! 

The Do's 

  • Feel free to experiment. You never know what combinations will work perfectly together until you test it out! Often times, it's what you least expect that looks the best!
  • Mix textures, colors, metals and sizes. This tip gives your look some dimension and depth. Try simple metal pieces with some colored beaded bracelets for a fun, simple, but classy arm party. 
  • Layer a few or layer a lot. The amazing part about layering is there is absolutely no limit to whom you invite to the arm party! Different occasions or outfits call for different looks, so feel comfortable with three or seven - it all depends!  

The Dont's 

  • Don't pair a wild arm party with a wild outfit. The "parties" stand out most when they are the accessories to solids or simple patterns.
  • Don't accessorize with more than one statement piece. Instead, compliment your statement with smaller, more dainty pieces. Let the showstopper steal the show!
  • Don't go overboard on one color. If you do, your individual pieces will drown out. Look to add neutral colors to break up the bolder colors. 


The following jewelry brands are three of our absolute favorites, and lines that we will always carry. We have highlighted our staff's favorite pieces from each line. Let's take a look:


When it comes to layering, Gorjana is queen. The brand's motto is even "#livelovelayer!" This company is known for its fashionable, high quality, simple pieces that are designed to be layered together. So what better jewelry line to start buying pieces from if you are looking to add to or build an arm party?!

Gorjana advises that "Mixing it up takes a look from two-dimensional to truly unique and stand-out!" 

Staff Pick: Power Gemstone Bracelet in Black Onyx, symbolizing "Protection," $38 

Jill Michael Jewelry 

This line is perfect for your arm party neutrals. Jill Michael specializes in simple, sophisticated beaded bracelets that are "high fashion and low maintenance with fresh muted colors." Each piece is handmade in LA by Jill and her small team. If you have a statement piece already, these beaded bracelets will add dimension and texture. The beads come in varying sizes as well, making it easy to layer with each other too! 

Jill Michael bracelets "can be alone or layered with other pieces for a look that is unique to you."

Staff Pick: 4MM Off White Stone Bracelet with Gold Centerpiece & 4MM Tan Jasper Stone Bracelet with Gold Centerpiece, each $32 



Elise M. Collection 

If you"re looking for a statement, look no farther, Elise M will do the trick. Based in Los Angeles, this jewelry line uses semi-precious stones like Druzy and Turquoise to create special pieces that are guaranteed to be the centerpiece of your arm party. This company is extremely affordable, while still promising quality and style. 

Designer Miryam states that her company "embodies a feminine spirit to reveal the goddess in you."  

Staff Pick: 3 Wrap Precious Stone Bracelet with Tassel in Opaque Blue Turquoise, $18


Hopefully these tips will help you feel more confident experimenting and creating the perfect arm party!


We would love to see your combinations and arm parties. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we will feature them on our social media!




xo, Essentials on Park Lane