Rolling Stones 1978 Vintage Patches Sweatshirt

$ 210.00

The perfect gift and made for the real Rolling Stones fan! Vintage 1978 patches adorn this faded, made to look well worn sweatshirt.

  • 50% polyester/50% cotton
  • Wash Cold
  • Made in the USA

Patches may vary due to their authenticity. Happy to send you images of the particular one we will be sending you!

We picked this Madeworn item because the LA based designer has an obsession with authentic details and painstaking craftsmanship. Blaine Halvorson, the former Junk Food apparel co-owner, founded this vintage inspired brand, MADEWORN ROCK. Each Madeworn Rock garmet is meticulously constructed, distressed and hand-sanded to replicate the perfectly worn patina of a decades-old favorite, offering a modern aesthetic with heritage quality. See all of our Madeworn items.